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L’Amical de Mauthausen and other camps of all Nazi victims in Spain, is the association which brings together Spanish Republican ex-deportees from the Nazi concentration camps as well as relatives and friends of the survivors and of those murdered at the camps.

L’Amical  Mauthausen represents deportees from the Austrian concentration camp and from all other Third Reich camps;  the association took the name “Mathausen” due to the fact that this camp was the main destination of Spanish deportees.
L’Amical brings together and represents deportees from all over Spain and  has its headquarters in Barcelona. Our objective is to work in favour of the memory of those who lived and fought during the Spanish Civil War, before crossing the Catalan-French border on their way to exile and who, later, suffered deportation to Nazi concentration camps.  L’Amical collaborates and promotes acts all over Spain, its  members are widespread throughout the Spanish territory and are specially active in   Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Valencian Community, The Basque Country, Galicia and Madrid.

L’Amical  is linked  and collaborates with other organisms, both in our country and abroad, which share our history and aims, specially those related to concentration camps and associations dedicated to preserving historic memory.


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