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L’Amical was  founded in 1962 by ex-deportees and their families in order to bring  together widowers and orphans as well as to give support to all deportees who, coming back from exile, couldn't  find in Spain any association with the Amical characteristics, although they already existed in France where many Spaniards while on exile had been members: associations such as Amicale des Déportés, Familles et Amis de Mauthausen or the Federación Española de Deportados e Internados Políticos created in Toulouse in 1947. Presently many of our members also belong to the French Amical, an association which we collaborate with regularly.

After two unsuccessful attempts of being legalized, in 1963 and 1967,   l’Amical was forced to work underground  until the end of Franco's dictatorship, therefore its activities at that time were extremely limited. During that period, the association's main task was focused on finding survivors and relatives of the victims, advising them on the compensations given by Germany, organizing trips to Mauthausen and, whenever possible,carrying out informative activities.

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