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After legalization, which didn't come through until 1978, a new period, with important information activities, started. This period coincided with the publishing of an important book  Catalans in nazi camps, by Montserrat Roig. This book brought up a story almost ignored till then: that of the approximately 10.000 Spanish Republicans who, on exile in France,  nazis sent to the  concentration camps and  forced them to do hard labor in the TODT organization.

At that time the first, but weak, acts of  recognition by official institutions  began. Also, and after the Mauthausen International Committee held its annual meeting in Barcelona in 1979 with representatives from 18 countries, it was agreed to promote the building of monuments in the memory of deportation all over Spain. Nowadays, the impulse and participation in the  individual as well as group homage taking  place  in the different towns and Autonomous Communities,  is still one of the basic activities of the association.

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